Marv's Red Owl
March 15, 1967
The Marketplace
November 5, 2003
January 12, 1976
The Marketplace
May 4, 1993
The Marketplace
St Michael


Marv and his wife Bernice opened their first grocery store, “Marv’s Red Owl”, March 15, 1967.
Emil Nylin helped build the 50x100 ft. store on the northwest corner of Chestnut and Cherry Street in Annandale. The lot needed quite a lot of fill to make it solid. The footings were in, and then it snowed and they couldn’t get anyone to lay the blocks. Emil put the corners in on a Sunday and during the week Bernice mixed the concrete and Marv laid the blocks up to ground level.
His dad, Robert Marohn, cut the ribbon on the Grand Opening day. The store was open on Friday nights until 9 p.m., other nights it closed at 6 p.m. The store closed at noon on Sundays.
Marv was the meat man, check-out and carry out. Later Red Owl suggested he hire a butcher. Bernice covered produce and health and beauty aids.
Marv’s downtown Red Owl store was expanded several times. It closed April 1995 when the business moved to Highway 55, April 1, 1995. Marv leased Peery’s Jack and Jill store and reopened it as” The Marketplace II”.
November 5, 2003, the current 45, 000 square foot store was opened as “The Marketplace”. Large vintage photographs of the Annandale area are displayed at the Annandale Marketplace, including a photograph of the Albion Center store that Marv’s dad once owned, as well as the ribbon cutting ceremony in 1967.

On Jan 12, 1976, Marv opened a 25,000 square foot warehouse-style store in Buffalo, ”The Marketplace”. In this style of grocery store, the customer had to price-mark most purchases with a marker, as well as bag and carry them out. Flat- bed style carts were available for larger purchases. There were no “frills”. He tried to buy land in Buffalo, but had to go outside the city limits and install his own water and sewer system. Marv also had to pay for a road from Highway 55 to the store. He later named this road, Orr street, after his bother-in-law, Herb Orr, who spent WWII as a POW in Japan. This store was remodeled several times.
In 1999, this store was replaced by a 75,000 square foot “Cub Foods” store. The parking lot for Cub is where the previous Marketplace store was located.

A warehouse-style “Marketplace” in Cokato was built in 1981. May 4, 1993, a new 55,000 square foot “Marketplace” was opened. The original store is currently used as a warehouse. The people of Cokato and the surrounding areas are very grateful for this beautiful store.

Marv's son, Bob Marohn, opened the St Michael Marketplace June 7, 2007. The 78,000 square foot store is located in the St. Michael Town Center. It is a bright, state of the art store.  Stop in for a free cup of coffee and see our display of St. Michael's history in large, vintage photographs of the town and it's ancestors.